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Dawnice 1000 kwh containerised battery storage 1mw battery storage cost

  • Product Name: 1 mw lithium ion battery
  • Model Number: DW- 1MW BESS
  • Capacity: 1MWH/1000KWH
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery System Warranty: 10 Years
  • Cycle Life: 6000 Times
  • Application: EPS, UPS, Power Station
  • Certificate: UL/CE/RoHS/UN38.3/MSDS/CB/KC

Factory Direct Price

MOQ 1 only. Door to Door. Provide engineer on-site service. Support DIY accessories ordering or whole-house solar system solution customization services.

Factory Direct Price

MOQ 1 only. Door to Door. Provide engineer on-site service. Support DIY accessories ordering or whole-house solar system solution customization services.

1000 kw battery

Products Description

Top World-Class Battery Energy Storage System Manufacturer

With a track record spanning over a decade in the lithium battery industry, we have established ourselves as providers of diverse battery solutions encompassing various brands and types, including lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, cylindrical batteries, and more. Bolstering our prowess is our autonomous Research and Development center, and a team of engineers with an aggregate experience exceeding eight years in the field.

Bess battery storage

The Energy Management System (EMS) of a photovoltaic energy storage system orchestrates the seamless integration of solar power generation and energy storage. It intelligently monitors real-time energy production and consumption, optimizing energy flows for efficient utilization, storage, and distribution.

The EMS employs advanced algorithms to prioritize energy usage, grid interaction, and battery charging/discharging, ensuring a balanced and cost-effective energy ecosystem while contributing to grid stability and reducing reliance on conventional sources.

Commercial Battery Storage Systems

  • Battery Management System
  • (BMS) Battery Moulde&Pack
  • Battery Rack Battery Cooling System
  • Battery Fire Suppression System
  • DC/AC Panel
  • IEC/UL/ CE/GB-T certified

Power Conversion System

Our comprehensive product range, spanning from 30kW to 4000kW, adheres rigorously to IEEE standards, rendering it applicable across diverse applications. It boasts real-time active/reactive power scheduling and Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) capabilities. Employing an advanced droop control methodology, it achieves a remarkable up to 99% power sharing efficiency when parallel-connected to voltage sources. Furthermore, it holds certifications from prestigious bodies such as IEC, UL, CE, and GB-T.

Power Conversion System
lifepo4 cells

Battery Cell

The battery core employs a lithium iron phosphate battery, with a capacity of 120Ah. Its nominal voltage is 3.2V, and the operational voltage range spans from 2.5V to 3.65V. The battery boasts a monthly self-discharge rate of no more than 3%.

rack mounted lithium battery

Battery Module

Our energy storage standard module comprises 24 individual cells, organized as 2P12S, providing a total capacity of 9.216kWh. The nominal voltage stands at 38.4V, with an operational voltage range of 33.6V to 43.2V. The module weighs approximately 85kg.

Battery Cluster

Battery Cluster

The battery cluster is constructed from 18 energy storage standard modules configured as 2P216S. This robust setup delivers a substantial power output of 165.888kWh, with a nominal voltage of 691.2V. It operates within a voltage range of 604.8V to 766.8V and has a total mass of approximately 1700kg.

pcs power conversion system


Our bidirectional battery inverter, with a capacity of 500KW, offers versatile usage. It can operate as a standalone unit or be seamlessly integrated with additional components such as a solar charger. Featuring parallel compatibility, flexible configuration options, programmable working modes, and remote control support, it includes a user-friendly touchscreen LCD interface for easy operation.

Power Conversion System

Model Number: DW-1MW

Rated Power: 1MW

Input / Output Voltage: 690 VAC

Input / Output Frequency: 50/ 60Hz

Rated DC Capacity: 2064kWh

DC Voltage Range: 1075.2-1363.2 VDC

Battery Chemistry:
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

RS485, Ethernet, GPRS

Battery, BMS, HVAC, PCS, FireSuppression, Smart Controller

Example Applications:
Solar +Storage, Micro-Grid, PeakShaving, Demand Side Response,Backup Power, EV Charging


Length: 238.5″ / 6058mm

Width: 95″ /2438mm

Height: 102.0″ / 2591mm

YES, The actual configuration is customized according to the requirements you provide

Dawnice ESS Energy Storage System

Solar Panel 300KW 500KW 800KW 1MW
PV Combiner Box Customized
Hybrid Inverter 300KW 500KW 800KW PCS 1MW PCS
Storage Battery Lithium Battery Packs BMS/MBMS/EMS Protection/GEL/OPZV Batteries Optional
Data Monitor Wifi Monitor/4G Terminal Monitor
Communication Interface RS232, RS485, CAN
PV Cable 4/6mm2, customized
Mounting Brackets Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Hot-dip Galvanized Steel,Ground Screw Mounting, Adjustable Brackets
Installation Site Color Steel Tile/Tin Pitched Roof, Flat Roof, Cement/Soil Ground, Carport, etc
Warranty 10 years warranty for complete solar power system, free design
Container 20/40H Container


Application project
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