Dawnice 200kWh ESS Cabinet Batteries Pack 200kw Commercial BESS Solar Energy Battery Storage Systems

  • Product Name: Dawnice 200kWh batteries 200kw Commercial Solar Battery Storage Systems
  • Model Number: HZ ESS 200KW
  • Features: Safety & Reliability, Simple & Friendly, Cost-Effective & High Efficiency
  • Communication Port: RS485, CAN, 4G, RS232,LAN
  • Grid Type: Hybrid/Off Grid
  • Cooling: Air Cooling/Liquid Cooling
  • Certification: Cell: UL1642 /IEC62619 / CE / ROHS MSDS /UN38.3; Pack: CE / FCC / MSDS / UN38.3
  • Cycle Time: Core component life >15 years 8000 cycle life
  • Installation: Outdoor
  • Note: 200kwh battery price, specified according to customer plan

Factory Direct Price

Door to Door. Provide engineer on-site service. Support DIY accessories ordering or whole-house & commercial solar system solution customization services.

Factory Direct Price

MOQ 1 only. Door to Door. Provide engineer on-site service. Support DIY accessories ordering or whole-house solar system solution customization services.

Product Descriptions

Descriptions for 200kwh high voltage battery management system

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Optimal Protection

Utilizing a patented outdoor cabinet protection system, this solution safeguards against dust, rain, and sand, while optimizing channels for heat dissipation. With a dual-door maintenance system, multiple systems can be operated concurrently on-site, minimizing space requirements.

The Ultimate Integration

The outdoor cabinet-type photovoltaic storage system, boasting a power rating of 100kW/200kWh, seamlessly amalgamates energy storage batteries, PCS, power distribution, temperature regulation, fire safety measures, water-immersed door sensors, and monitoring and communication tools. This comprehensive integration ensures absolute control over system operations and risks, significantly enhancing power quality.

Intelligent Management

The local control screen supports a myriad of functions, including system operation monitoring, formulation of energy management strategies, and remote device upgrades, ensuring intelligent and efficient management of the system.

Versatility in Features

A standardized structural design and menu-based function configurations enable the incorporation of optional accessories tailored for microgrid scenarios, including photovoltaic charging modules and off-grid switching modules. These solar energy storage cabinets are engineered to seamlessly integrate into comprehensive solar energy storage systems.

Efficiency and Space Optimization

Integrated air conditioning within the cabinet door eliminates the consumption of cabinet space, maximizing storage capacity. Enhanced waterproofing, facilitated by the top structure, ensures superior protection against environmental elements.

Flexible Parallel Operation

Thanks to patented virtual synchronous machine technology, multiple units can operate in parallel or switch off-grid without the need for long-distance communications, offering unparalleled flexibility in system configuration.

Application project

commercial battery energy storage solution

Company Profile

Dawnice as more than 10 years of lithium battery factory, adhere to the use of new A-grade cells, product design life of 10 years, battery cycle life of 6000 times, fully automated assembly line, complete certificates such as CE UL IEC UN38.3 ROHS, etc., services to customers in more than 80 countries, specializing in industrial and commercial energy storage batteries and home energy storage , support OEM & ODM, welcome to inquire!

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