Dawnice 48V Lifepo4 Sever rack mount lithium battery

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48 volt server rack mount solar battery compatible with off grid/hybrid solar system and mainstream solar inverter bands. 48V rack type battery company.

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Experience a paradigm shift in energy storage through our innovative 48V cabinet lithium battery, a marvel designed to revolutionize your energy landscape. Unveiling unprecedented power density and seamless integration capabilities, this cutting-edge solution transcends conventional boundaries. Its versatile applications span across industries, from residential to commercial, ensuring reliable backup power and real-time monitoring, thereby reshaping your energy paradigm and empowering a sustainable future.

Dawnice 48V Rack Type Battery Factory

What is rack mount battery?

A rack mount battery refers to a type of energy storage solution that is designed to be installed within a standardized rack or cabinet, commonly used in server rooms, data centers, and industrial settings. These batteries are typically mounted in a vertical orientation, occupying minimal floor space while providing efficient energy storage and backup power. Rack mount batteries are known for their modular and scalable design, allowing users to easily add or replace battery units within the rack as needed. They are often used to provide reliable backup power to critical equipment and systems in various applications.

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Popular models for home storage system,

What are the advantages of server rack battery backup?

Ample Energy Capacity: These batteries offer substantial energy storage, catering to diverse needs.
Space Optimization: Designed to maximize space efficiency, they seamlessly fit into various settings.
Flexible Configurations: Customizable to suit specific requirements, ensuring tailored solutions.
Easy Integration: Effortless compatibility with existing setups for smooth energy utilization.
Reliable Backup Power: Ensures uninterrupted operations during grid outages.

Battery Voltage Battery Capacity Total Energy
48V 50Ah 2560WH
48V 100Ah 5120WH
48V 150Ah 7680WH
48v 200Ah 10240WH
48v 300AH 15360WH
Other model customizeable, battery also can be put in parallel for high capacity
rack mount battery
48v server rack battery

Intelligent Management: Real-time monitoring and control enhance energy management.
Sustainability: Supports green energy adoption, reducing carbon footprint.
Cost Efficiency: Utilizes off-peak electricity, minimizing utility expenses.
Diverse Applications: Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
Longevity: Engineered for extended lifespan, delivering enduring energy solutions.

Dawnice boasts over a decade of profound expertise in the lithium battery sector, with a dedicated focus on household energy storage and industrial and commercial energy storage solutions. Our repertoire spans an array of energy solutions, encompassing lead-acid batteries, 12V and 24V lead-acid replacement lithium batteries, wall-mounted and rack-mounted lithium batteries, as well as stacked batteries.

Since inception, Dawnice’s footprint has extended to over 100 nations, serving an extensive clientele and addressing the energy requisites of nearly 80,000 users. Our products have found homes across the globe, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to meeting global energy needs.

Our commitment to customization is paramount, and we wholeheartedly welcome OEM and ODM requests. We stand proudly with an extensive suite of certifications including CE, UL, UN38.3, MSDS, CB, and KC, affirming the quality of our offerings.

Why Choose us?

1. Over 20 years battery experience in this field
Our company was found in 2002 China, with a miss on to bring power for all over the world, we have set up lots of branch to develop solar market oversea, including Austria, Germany, United States and so on

2. Strict Quality Control
For each order, strict inspections will be put in place for each procedure during their processing. The negative products will be ironed out before shipping

3. 48V Rack Type Battery Supplier
We have cooperated with many accessory suppliers for many years, so we can get cheaper and high quality accessories and thus we can give you a low price and high quality products.

4. Fast Shipping
We have partnership with excellent shipping forwarders, therefore we can promise fast delivery and have the goods well protected.

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