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solar energy system

Dawnice Energy Storage Package is a sustainable all-in-one battery energy storage system (BESS) that effectively harnesses energy from the sun. It incorporates high-quality LiFePO4 solar batteries, efficient pure sine wave solar inverters, and Grade-A monocrystalline solar panels to ensure maximum performance, providing seamless switching between grid power and stored solar power.

Dawnice Energy Storage Package

Find solar kits for the number of kilowatts (kW) you need to power your life. Choose the kW size using this list, from 1kW or 1,000 watts to 1mW or 1 million watts.

Get the solar system that is the right size at low wholesale prices. These pre-engineered solar panel systems are specially designed to provide renewable energy for your home or business, and they include every component you need to make your own power system.


Key Components Of Solar Power System

1. Solar panel


● Large area battery: increase the peak power of components and reduce the system cost.

● Multiple main grids: effectively reduce the risk of hidden cracks and short grids.

● Half piece: reduce the operating temperature and hot spot temperature of components.

● PID performance: the module is free from attenuation induced by potential difference.

Solar panel

2. Battery


Rated Voltage: 12v lead acid battery
Rated Capacity: 100ah/200 Ah/300ah (10 hr, 1.80 V/cell, 25 ℃)
Terminal: Copper
Case: ABS

● Long cycle-life
● Reliable sealing performance
● High initial capacity
● Small self-discharge performance
● Good discharge performance at high-rate
● Flexible and convenient installation, esthetic overall look

Also you can choose Lifepo4 lithium battery:


Wall Mounted Type/Stacked Type/Rack Mounted Type
Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
Capacity: 100ah/200ah/300ah/OEM
Cell type: Lifepo4, pure new, grade A
Warranty: 10 Years
Cycle time: 6000 times

Lifepo4 lithium battery
Solar inverter

3. Solar inverter


● Pure sine wave output;
● High efficiency toroidal transformer lower loss;
● Intelligent LCD integration display;
● AC charge current 0-20A adjustable; battery capacity configuration more flexible;
● Three types working modes adjustable:AC first, DC first, energy-saving mode;
● Frequency adaptive function, adapt to different grid environments;
● Built-in PWM or MPPT controller optional;
● Added fault code query function,facilitate user to monitor the operation state in real time;
● Supports diesel or gasoline generator, adapt any tough electricity situation;
● RS485 communication port/APP optional.

Remarks: you have many options of the inverters for your system different inverters with different features.

What service we offer?

  • 1. Design service.
    Just let us know the features you want, such as the power rate, the applications you want to load, how many hours you need the system to work etc. We will design a reasonable solar power system for you.
    We will make a diagram of the system and the detailed configuration.
  • 2. Tender Services
    Assist guests in preparing bid documents and technical data.
  • 3. Training service
    If you a new one in the energy storage business, and you need a training, you can come our company to learn or we send technicians to help you to train your stuff.
  • 4. Mounting service& maintenance service
    We also offer mounting service and maintenance service with seasonable & affordable cost.
  • 5. Marketing support
    We give big support to the customers who agent our brand “Dawnice”.
    we send engineers and technicians to support you if necessary.
    we send certain percent extra parts of some of the products as replacements freely.

What is the minimum and max solar power system you can produce?

The minimum solar power system we produced is around 30w, such as solar street light. But normally the minimum for home use is 100w 200w 300w 500w etc.

Most of people prefer 1kw 2kw 3kw 5kw 10kw etc for home use, normally it is AC110v or 220v and 230v.

The max solar power system we produced is 30MW/50MWH.

minimum and max solar power system
minimum and max solar power system
minimum and max solar power system

How is your quality?

We use very high quality materials and we make rigorous tests of the materials. And we have very strict QC system.

Do you accept customized producing?

Yes. just tell us what you want. We customized R&D and producing energy storage lithium batteries, low temperature lithium batteries, motive lithium batteries, off high way vehicle lithium batteries, solar power systems etc.

What is the lead time?

Normally 15-25 days

How you guarantee your products?

During the warranty period, if it is the product reason, we will send you replacement of the product. Some of the products we will send you new one with next shipping. Different products with different warranty terms. But before we sending, we need a picture or video to make sure it is the problem of our products.




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