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Revolutionize Your Home Energy System with Dawnice’s High Voltage Battery Solution

Higher Energy Density Battery System

This is Dawnice’s most advanced high-voltage battery system designed for home energy storage, equipped with advanced features that provide households with efficient and reliable energy management solutions.

Dawnice high-voltage battery system is an optical storage integrated machine product that supports four distinct interfaces, including photovoltaic, battery, grid-connected, and load. Its advanced on-grid switching function allows for seamless integration and management of energy from multiple sources, making it an optimal choice for households seeking an energy management solution that meets their specific needs.

Moreover, Dawnice high-voltage battery system offers uninterrupted switching between off-grid and grid-connected modes, ensuring continuous access to reliable energy supply. The system provides full power output in the off-grid state, enabling households to have a steady and stable supply of energy. Additionally, its 100% balanced load access allows for the efficient distribution of energy throughout the household.

stackable lithium ion battery 2

Furthermore, Dawnice high-voltage battery system has excellent load adaptability, making it suitable for inductive loads, such as air conditioners, without any performance degradation. This feature ensures that households can rely on the system to manage their energy requirements effectively.

In conclusion, Dawnice high-voltage battery system is a reliable and efficient solution for households seeking to optimize their energy consumption and management.

Power Your Home with Clean Energy:
Dawnice’s High Voltage Battery System


stackable lithium ion battery

Built-in timer for switch operation in multiple modes

Support WIFI/4G multiple communication methods

Expandable, 20-35kWh lithium battery optional

Pure sine wave output, friendly to electric equipment

IP65 protection, environment-friendly, ultra-quiet design

Grid, photovoltaic, and battery power priority can be set

Transform Your Home into an Energy-Saving
Powerhouse: Dawnice’s High Voltage Battery System

The DW-HVS is a high-voltage battery system designed by Dawnice with a flexible modular design and no internal cables. It is capable of stacking 4 to 8 battery modules with available capacities from 20.48 kWh to 37.27 kWh and voltages from 204.8 V to 716.8 V.

What Makes us Better?

  • Modular design, standardized production
  • Single battery weight 46Kg, easy to install
  • Plug and play, no extra wire harness connection
  • Intelligent system, low loss, high conversion efficiency
  • LiFePO4 battery cell, high safety and long life
  • Automotive grade module with high consistency
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​Built-in fire protection module

Modular Battery System For:

  • Off-Grid / On-Grid
  • Grid selling
  • Meter zero
  • ​​​​​​Time of use
  • Smart load
  • AC / DC coupling​​​​​​​
  • Peak shaving
stackable lithium ion battery

Three-phase Inverter & Battery System

From the Three Phase hybrid inverter to the high-voltage battery module, each part is designed to provide you with reliable, clean and continuous power.

High Precision

High-precision MPPT control, maximize the use of solar energy and increase photovoltaic power generation.

High-precision electricity meter, anti-backflow / load power consumption monitoring.

Long Life

IP54 protection grade, suitable for harsh environments such as high altitude, high temperature, high cold, etc.,

Long-term continuous and reliable operation. Lifetime design up to 25 years.

stackable lithium ion battery

Multiple Modes

Support on-grid and off-grid uninterrupted switching. With energy management function, unmanned and EMS-free operation.

A variety of working modes to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Various Configurations

Flexible configuration, optional photovoltaic / mains charging mode, Support Wi-Fi, GPRS wireless monitoring method.

Perfect BMS protection function and control system, over-current, over-voltage and insulation and other multi-protection design.

Compatible Inverters

Dawnice battery can be used with most of the well-known inverters on the market. If you are a distributor or installer of these inverters, then Dawnice will be your right choice.

compatible with mainstream solar inverter

Our Partner

Our Partner

DW-HVS Battery Data

Nominal DC Voltage
204.8V 307.2V 409.6V 512V 614.4V 716.8V
Battery Capacity
Voltage Range(Vdc)
180-230V 268-350V 358-467V 448-584V 537-700V 627-817V
Cell Model
3.2V 52Ah / 32S1P
Energy (kWh)
10.64 15.97 21.29 26.62 31.94 37.27
Dimensions(H* W* D) mm
598*400*516 598*400*683 598*400*850 598*400*1018 598*400*1185 598*400*1353
Charging Current
Discharging Current
Discharge over Current
Communication protocol
CAN(500Kb/s) / RS485(9600b/S) Host software and RS485
Net Weight (kg)
123 169 215 261 307 353
stackable lithium ion battery

Why You Need A High Voltage Lithium Battery System?

  • Higher Conversion Efficiency
  • Increased Independence from the Grid
  • Provides Greater Flexibility
  • Lower Cost, Larger System
  • Faster Charging and Discharging
  • Better Suited for Peaking Applications
  • Can Save Energy

Taking the field of solar lithium storage systems as an instance, picture that when an 10kW hybrid solar inverter is utilized with a lithium battery as a low-voltage storage system, the DC voltage of the battery for house solar applications is commonly 48V or 51.2 V. Even if we utilize a relatively large nominal present, claim 200A, the optimal power that the battery can provide is 10kW (51.2 V x 200A = 10.24 kW), a value that does not meet the optimal result power of the inverter.

On top of that, there are lots of commercial power storage applications with power system results of 30kW, 60kW, 100kW or even 500kW power ability. In these application scenarios, we need to utilize high-voltage lithium battery systems to lower the discharge existing.

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