Dawnice 100kWh HV Batteries 100 kWh Commercial Solar Battery Storage Systems

  • Product Name: Dawnice 100kWh batteries 100 kWh Commercial Solar Battery Storage Systems

  • Model Number: HZ ESS 100KW

  • Features: High Efficiency, Voltage Stability, Smart Management Systems

  • Communication Port: RS485, CAN, 4G, RS232,LAN
  • Grid Type: Hybrid/Off Grid
  • Cooling: Air Cooling/Liquid Cooling
  • Certification: UL CE UN38.3 MSDS ROHS IEC
  • Cycle Time: Core component life >15 years 8000 cycle life

  • Warranty: 10 Years

Factory Direct Price

Door to Door. Provide engineer on-site service. Support DIY accessories ordering or whole-house & commercial solar system solution customization services.

Factory Direct Price

MOQ 1 only. Door to Door. Provide engineer on-site service. Support DIY accessories ordering or whole-house solar system solution customization services.

Product Descriptions

Descriptions for 100kwh high voltage solar battery system

100kw commercial energy storage profile
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Battery Datasheet 409.6v 114.7kwh(Config determined per needs.)
Model Number HZ ESS114.7H-R15
Battery Type Lifepo4
Number Of Models 8
Nominal Voltage 409.6
Voltage Range(Vdc) 320v-467.2v
Capacity(Ah) 280AH
Rated Energy(KWH) 114.7KWH
Max. Charge/Discharge Current(A) 140A
Scalability Up to 6 parallel
Communication RS232-PC,RS485(B)-BAT RS485(A)-lnverter,Canbus-Inverter
Cycle Life ≥6000cycles@25C. 90%DOD
Design Life ≥15 Years(25″C)
Battery system configuration datasheet
Type Model Min voltage(V) Max voltage(V) Rated voltage(V) Rated energy(Wh) Quantity
Cell 280AH 2.5 3.65 3.2 896 128
Battery Case 1P16S 40 58.4 51.2 14336 8
Battery Cluster 1P128S 320 467.2 409.6 114688 1
Battery System 1P128S 320 467.2 409.6 114688 1


100kwh battery datasheet


Dawnice 100kWh air-cooled/liquid-cooled commercial energy storage system, a comprehensive and all-encompassing energy solution tailored for business applications. Equipped with a robust lithium battery backup, this system is ideally suited for various settings including factories, farms, hospitals, virtual power plants, communities, and charging stations. It guarantees consistent and reliable power delivery across both peak and off-peak periods with a robust output capacity of 100 kilowatts.

Key Features Include:

  • Modular Design: Allows for flexible configurations tailored to specific needs.
  • Intelligent Energy Management System (EMS): Enhances system stability and optimizes energy usage by facilitating efficient energy storage, transfer, and management across the storage device, photovoltaic systems, the grid, and load.
  • Seamless Grid Integration: Supports flawless integration with photovoltaic systems and offers the capability for seamless transitions between grid-connected and off-grid operations.
  • Integrated DC/DC Components: Ensures reliable connectivity for photovoltaic applications.
  • Advanced Battery Management System: Features hierarchical control, dual-layer thermal insulation, and comprehensive real-time monitoring by both BMS and EMS, enhancing safety and operational reliability.
  • Multiple Intelligent Safety Features: Includes real-time smoke and temperature monitoring within each battery unit, mitigating risks and ensuring the highest safety standards.
  • Professional One-Stop Service: Delivers complete system design and management, ensuring a hassle-free experience from installation to operation.

Dawnice’s 100 kWh energy storage system is designed to not only meet but exceed the stringent demands of modern commercial energy requirements, offering a reliable, safe, and highly efficient solution for managing energy needs in diverse environments.

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Dawnice factory was established in 2009, with 30 product patent certificates, specializing in BESS, ENERGY STORAGE BATTERY , Solar Energy Systems. We are committed to providing one-stop energy solutions including energy supply, energy management and energy storage to global customers. Supply to more than 50 traders, and export to the United States, Canada,Germany, Australia, Lebanon, the Philippines and other countries.

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