Dawnice 48V 20Kw Rack Lithium Battery Energy Storage 51.2V 400Ah 20Kwh Lifepo4 Solar Battery

  • Product Name:Cabinet Lithium Battery Pack; 20kwh battery pack; 20kwh battery storage

  • Model : Dawnice 20 Kwh Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Material: Lifepo4 Battery
  • Style: EG4 Lifepo4 Rack Style
  • Application: Solar Energy System ,Power Back Up , UPS system
  • ODM & OEM: Supported
  • Certification: IEC/CE/UN38.3/UL
  • Cycle Life(0.5C&25℃): 6000 cycles @ 0.5C;80%DOD

Factory Direct Price

MOQ 1 only. Door to Door. Provide engineer on-site service. Support DIY accessories ordering or whole-house solar system solution customization services.

Factory Direct Price

MOQ 1 only. Door to Door. Provide engineer on-site service. Support DIY accessories ordering or whole-house solar system solution customization services.

48V 25Kwh Lithium Battery
Battery Type 48V 400AH Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 400 amp hour
Energy 20kWH 20kw
Dimensions (L x W x H) 520*380*290MM/unit*4
Weight 48KG*4
Case Material ABS/Iron case
Certifications CE/ISO/UN38.3/MSDS
Efficiency 99%
Self Discharge <1% per Month
Series & Parallel Application 4 series or 4 parallel connected application 4s/1p 4S2P/4S4p
Peak Discharge Current 400 A
Continus Discharge Current 400 A
Operation Temperature Range -20~60℃
Voltage at end of Discharge 51.2 V
Working Voltage 48-58.4V
Discharge Temperature -4 to 140 ºF (-20 to 60 ºC)
Charge Temperature 32 to 113 ºF (0 to 45 ºC)
Storage Temperature 23 to 95 ºF (-5 to 35 ºC)
Cycle Life > 8000 cycles
Self-Discharge Rate Residual capacity: ≤3%/month; ≤15%/years
Reversible capacity: ≤1.5%/month; ≤8%/years
Storage Temperature & Humidity Range Less than 1 month: -20℃~35℃, 45%RH~75%RH
Less than 3 months: -10℃~35℃, 45%RH~75%RH
Recommended storage environment: 15℃~35℃,45%RH~75%RH
  • Dawnice batterie solaire 20kw, a remarkable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery designed to elevate your power needs. Its modular design ensures it is lightweight and compact, while offering a larger capacity of 30KWh to 100KWh, delivering higher supporting power for your diverse applications.
  • 20kw home battery lithium battery crafted with the utmost quality, the battery features A Grade lithium battery cells, guaranteeing reliability and safety in every use. Versatility is a key highlight, making it a perfect fit for Off-Grid and Hybrid Solar Storage Systems, as well as various Industry Projects.
  • Equipped with an advanced BMS featuring RS485/CAN, this battery provides 100% protection and high compatibility with a wide range of inverters, ensuring a seamless and secure operation.
  • Enjoy a long lifespan with up to 6000 cycles @ 0.5C and 80% DOD, enabling numerous recharge cycles without compromising performance.
  • With the Dawnice lithium ion battery 20 kwh, experience the forefront of cutting-edge lithium chemistry. This battery’s capability to handle over 200 amps of continuous charge or discharge, and up to 2000 amps for starting or peak energy, makes it the ideal choice for Solar, Telecom, Wind, Marine RV, and deep cycle applications. Embrace superior power and durability with Dawnice.
Solar Server Rack

Computer Monitor software with BMS

The built-in battery management system (BMS) can be connected to computer software for monitoring the battery’s status and other pack information. Additionally, users can define customized functions, and easily adjust BMS communication protocols for different inverters. Professional users have the ability to set various protection values, such as overcharge, over-discharge, and temperature thresholds. However, these advanced settings should only be adjusted by professional users with the necessary knowledge and expertise.


Lithium batteries are among the most commonly used energy storage units in today’s electronic devices. While they present distinct performance advantages in comparison to other battery chemistries, lithium batteries also present distinct safety concerns that must be addressed to ensure safety for end-product users.

All Coremax Solar energy storage batteries has already pass certifications like MSDS, UN38.3, IEC, CE. In additional, We can also provide other related test report accroding to the purchase order.

Lithium batteries are “dangous goods” GD goods. No matter shipping by air or sea freight. It require the test report and certifications. Please feel free to contact us.


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