Why is the Power Generation of Your Photovoltaic Power Plant Low

Why is the Power Generation of Your Photovoltaic Power Plant Low

With the adjustment of the domestic energy structure and the continuous leadership of Carbon Dafeng’s carbon neutral strategic goal, investing in the construction of the distributed photovoltaic market is becoming more and more popular with many investors. Installing photovoltaics is not only a contribution to environmental protection and energy structure transformation. It is also a stable investment, so the rate of return of photovoltaic power plants is closely related to the amount of power generated.


Some friends who have installed photovoltaic power stations sometimes encounter that when the power station is running, the overall operating power is low, resulting in the power generation not reaching the reasonable value of the photovoltaic system with the same capacity in the area.

Reasons and solutions for abnormal power generation of photovoltaic power plants


component problem

On-site photovoltaic modules are blocked, dusty or unqualified, resulting in low power generation of the power station. For example, there are utility poles and parapets around the power station.
Solution: It is recommended to deal with the shelters around the photovoltaic power station in a timely manner. If it is an installation and design problem, it can be adjusted appropriately according to the site conditions, and the photovoltaic panels should be cleaned regularly with a mop or other cotton items soaked in water, and the defective photovoltaic modules should be replaced or removed in time.



Design and installation problems

① The number or type of photovoltaic modules connected to the same MPPT is inconsistent. Due to the “barrel benefit”, the MPPT of this road operates at the lowest photovoltaic string voltage, resulting in a decrease in power generation.

Solution: Check the voltage of the strings connected to the inverter, and connect photovoltaic modules of the same model, orientation, angle, and quantity to the same MPPT of the inverter.

②The maximum current of the photovoltaic module is higher than the maximum DC input current of the inverter, which causes the current limit operation of the DC input side of the inverter, and the operating power is lower than the reasonable power of the photovoltaic system.

Solution: For high-current components, string inverters compatible with high-current input can be used, and if the current permits, they can be properly configured and installed to reduce the number of strings connected to each MPPT.

③The working environment temperature of the inverter is too high or there is no ventilation. temperature drop.

Solution: The inverter should be installed in a well-ventilated area, and prevent the cooling air duct of the inverter from being blocked. It is recommended to install a sunshade above the inverter to avoid direct sunlight and help reduce the temperature of its working environment.

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