Two Key Factors Affecting the Conversion Efficiency of Home Inverters

Two Key Factors Affecting the Conversion Efficiency of Home Inverters

The conversion efficiency of a photovoltaic home inverter refers to the efficiency with which the inverter converts the electrical energy generated by the solar panels into electricity. In the photovoltaic power generation system, the conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic home inverter is directly related to the power generation. In addition to technical challenges, there is also the need to prevent problems with inverter conversion efficiency.


1. When converting DC current to AC current, power semiconductor circuits should be used to convert DC current. In this way, the power semiconductor generates heat and causes loss, but the loss can be minimized by reducing the design of the switching circuit.

2.the efficiency control of photovoltaic household inverters is used to improve efficiency. The output current and voltage of solar panels will vary with changes in sunlight and temperature, and the inverter can increase the control current and voltage to achieve the maximum power point, and the conversion efficiency will be higher. The control characteristics of the inverter vary with the products of various manufacturers, and the conversion efficiency is also different. For example, some inverters have high conversion efficiency even at maximum power output, but low conversion efficiency at low power output; there is also an average conversion efficiency from low power output to high power output. Therefore, when choosing a photovoltaic home inverter, it should be considered that it corresponds to the output characteristics of the solar panels to be installed.

Every 0.1% increase in the efficiency of photovoltaic household inverters means that the R&D personnel have to pay a lot of sweat. R&D, testing and other aspects require various technical research, which represents the highest level of efficiency in the industry. Starting from all aspects of design details, ensure the power generation rights and interests of photovoltaic power generation system investors.

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