How to Maintain PV in Summer

How to Maintain PV in Summer

Summer is here, and many people think that photovoltaic power plants are powerful and have high power generation in summer, but they don’t care much about power plants. In fact, if the temperature is too high, the air humidity is too high, coupled with severe weather such as heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, it will often bring negative impacts or even hidden safety hazards to photovoltaic power plants, so what should we do?


1. Keep ventilation

Regardless of whether it is a component or an inverter, the distribution box must be kept ventilated to ensure air circulation. For the components of the rooftop photovoltaic power station, it is important not to unreasonably arrange the arrangement of the components of the photovoltaic power station in order to generate more power, which will cause mutual shielding between the components and affect the heat dissipation and ventilation, resulting in low power generation.

2. Clean up the sundries around the photovoltaic power station in time

To avoid affecting the heat dissipation of the photovoltaic power station, it is necessary to ensure that the surrounding areas of photovoltaic modules, inverters, and distribution boxes are open, and if there are debris accumulated, clean them up in time.

3. Do a good job of shading the inverter distribution box

Inverters are generally of IP65 protection level, with a certain degree of windproof, dustproof, and waterproof. It is best to install it in a sunshade and rain shelter. If it is installed in the open air, the inverter and distribution box must be protected from direct sunlight. Avoid making the temperature of the inverter and distribution box too high, which will affect the power generation.


4. Regular inspection and cleaning are essential

After the photovoltaic power station is built, the operation and maintenance should not be too sloppy. Especially in summer, it is best to conduct regular inspections to ensure that the photovoltaic power station has good heat dissipation and air circulation, and timely clean up weeds and shelters that affect heat dissipation. Only in this way can the power generation and operation of photovoltaic power plants be guaranteed.

At the same time, the photovoltaic panels that have not been cleaned for a long time will accumulate a lot of dust on the surface. Even if it rains, because the installation angle of the photovoltaic panels is not very large, dust will accumulate on the lower part of the photovoltaic panels, so it is necessary Artificial cleaning. Rinse it with clean water first, and then wipe it with a cloth mop.

Don’t underestimate the maintenance work of photovoltaics. If you handle these details well, you can generate more kilowatt-hours of electricity every day. Over time, these increased electricity bill incomes are considerable.

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