How to Choose the Best Solar Inverter for Your Rooftop Solar System

How to Choose the Best Solar Inverter for Your Rooftop Solar System

Installing home solar system, the following 5 angles are aspects you must consider:


01. Maximize returns

What is the inverter? It is a device that converts the DC electricity of solar components into an AC electricity available. Therefore, the power generation conversion efficiency is a problem that the inverter needs to be given priority. At present, the use of high -power and large current components has become the mainstream trend. Therefore, the use of households must first consider the inverter that adapts to the large current component. The conversion efficiency is higher and the cost is lower.

In addition, there are several important indicator parameters to compare:

·Efficiency of inverter

The maximum efficiency of the inverter and the MPPT efficiency are important indicators to consider the power generation of the inverter. The higher the efficiency, the stronger the power generation.

·DC work voltage range

The wider the operating voltage of the DC work, it means that the early start and late stop, the long power generation, the higher the power generation.

·MPPT tracking technical accuracy

MPPT tracking technical accuracy should be high, dynamic response speed is fast, which can adapt to the sharp changes in light and improve the efficiency of power generation.

02. Flexible adaptation

The environment of household power stations is relatively complicated, and problems such as the end of rural grids and power consumption will cause the inverter to communicate overvoltage and under pressure. , Revles and other functions, reduce the failure alarm. The number of MPPTs is also one of the important indicators to consider: Multi -way MPPT configuration can be flexibly configured for factors such as different orientation, different roofs, and different specifications.

03. Simple installation

Small and light weight models are more convenient for installation. At the same time, you should choose a inverter set up in advance before leaving the factory. After installing it at the user’s home, you can use it to use it to save the debugging time, which is more convenient.

04. Safety and stability

Because many inverters are installed outdoors, IP waterproof and dustproof level is a protective indicator that cannot be ignored. It can effectively protect the inverter to avoid harmful effects in a bad climate environment. The inverter runs normally.

In terms of protection functions, in addition to DC switches, input voltage protection, communication short -circuit protection, exchanges and output over -current protection, insulation impedance protection and other necessary functions, there are also three functions:


Can accurately distinguish the arc signal, quickly turn off, avoid fire, and protect the safety of users.


Real -time observation and record the inverter AC side voltage and current waveform, and quickly position the problem.

#Smart IV scan and diagnosis

You can accurately locate the string failure and actively find problems. Multiple guarantees, the power station is stable to operate, so that users can truly feel at ease.

05. Intelligent management

In today’s digitalization, intelligent equipment can provide users with more convenience. The inverter brand equipped with the intelligent management platform can bring great convenience to users in power station management: First, you can use a smartphone to monitor the power plant, you can view the power station operation data anytime, anywhere, and understand the state of the power station in a timely manner. At the same time, manufacturers can discover problems, analyze the causes of failure through remote diagnosis, provide solutions, and timely process solutions to the problem.

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