Frequently Asked Questions About Deye String Inverters

Frequently Asked Questions About Deye String Inverters

1. What does MPPT mean?

Maximum Power Point Tracking (Maximum Power Point, MPPT). Photovoltaic cells are affected by factors such as ambient temperature and light intensity, and their output power will change accordingly. The photovoltaic inverter with MPPT maximum power tracking is to make full use of solar cells, track the highest voltage and current value of solar panels in real time, so that it can operate at the maximum power point to exert the maximum efficiency of solar panels.

2. What is island protection?

When the deye 8kw hybrid inverter south africa is connected to the grid, the ATS port will output 230Vac, which is used to cut off the power supply grounding neutral point (the load port N line) and connect forwarding through the external connection. When the inverter is disconnected from the grid, the ATS port voltage is 0, the grounded neutral connection remains unchanged.


3. What are the methods of anti-backflow for single-phase strings?

The single-phase grid-connected inverter has its own anti-backflow function, and only needs to be connected with an external CT.

4. How to modify the self-test time?

Go to the operation parameter setting interface and adjust the value behind self-check.

5. How to restore factory settings?

Enter the system parameter setting interface, set factory data reset.

6. The inverter reports grid voltage frequency too high/low/no grid fault?

The grid voltage/frequency exceeds the grid voltage/frequency value allowed by the inverter settings; modify the grid voltage/frequency range.

7. The inverter has no output power.

Check whether the meter/limier function is turned on. Check the active % setting value; when the PV voltage and grid voltage are normal, check whether the machine has turned on the anti-backflow function and the active power output percentage.

8. There is a creaking sound inside the single-phase camera.

The AC side inductance is bad or resonance; first check the software version to make sure to upgrade to the anti-resonance version, if not, the inductance is not installed properly or the inductance is not enough.

9. What are the common reasons that affect the power generation of grid-connected inverters?

a. Dust b. Shadow c. Attenuation d. String mismatch e. Line loss

10. How to judge whether a PV module can be connected to an inverter?

Monolithic components only need to check whether the MPP current and short-circuit current exceed the maximum short-circuit current of the inverter.

11. How to adjust the output power of the grid-connected inverter?

Enter the operation parameter setting interface, adjust ativeP% to adjust the output active power. The above are the common problems and solutions for the 8kw deye hybrid inverter price Deye string inverter. If you cannot solve the abnormal situation of your inverter, please contact the relevant staff of Deye for help in time.

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