Cleaning and Maintenance of Solar Panels

Cleaning and Maintenance of Solar Panels

The cleaning and maintenance of solar panels are as follows:

1. System maintenance:

  • Solar panel cleaning, photoelectric conversion efficiency testing and maintenance;
  • Steel bracket maintenance;
  • All solar inverters are maintained;
  • Equipment wiring and grounding inspection;
  • Solar panel cleaning, solar panel maintenance procedures;
  • Carry out the cleaning work of solar panels every half a month. The maintenance content of photovoltaic panels is mainly to see whether the solar power supply system and battery packs are all in normal operation; (about how to clean, how to clean photovoltaic modules in detail.)
  • This includes checking each solar panel and solar system wiring and wiring connections, and whether each group of photovoltaic panels is working properly;
  • Check the solar cells of the photovoltaic panel, the connection, the template, the molded glass, and the frame for looseness and damage. The relevant situation should be recorded in the maintenance/repair log. If damaged, replace it immediately or plan to replace it;
  • The surface of photovoltaic panels can be cleaned every time, which can increase the power generation of the system. According to the actual situation on site, the cleaning frequency can be appropriately increased;

2. Steel bracket maintenance

The maintenance content of the steel bracket is mainly to see if there is rust on the steel bracket. If there is, remove the rusted part on the surface, and then paint the anti-rust paint; check whether there are screws on the installation part of the solar cell module. If there is, it should be tightened immediately. screw.


3. Inverter Maintenance

  • Make sure that the parameter values are set normally;
  • Make sure that the equipment is in good condition;
  • Keep the equipment clean and dry, and keep the room ventilated; keep away from water and fire sources; do not place small metal objects on the top of the instrument;
  • Do not allow non-professionals to open the device for operation or parameter modification;
  • Please do not move when the product has been working;
  • When there is an error in the system, the solar inverter will send out a report, please check the cause of the system error, check it in time, and make a record;
  • Regularly check the system parameters and make inspection records. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, find out the cause of the abnormality and deal with it accordingly;
  • During system maintenance, be sure to disconnect the solar battery first, and then cut off the load.

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