Why is Huawei Sun2000 10ktl M1 Hybrid Wechselrichter So Popular in the Market

Why is Huawei Sun2000 10ktl M1 Hybrid Wechselrichter So Popular in the Market

During the 2019 World 5G Conference, Huawei Whole House Smart held the “5G+Smart Whole House” Huawei solution conference, and demonstrated the core components of the Smart Whole House for the first time on the spot – Huawei Whole House Smart “five-piece set”, including: Smart panels and smart lighting, among which Huawei inverters are the most eye-catching.

As the core of the smart home system, the inverter plays a vital role in the whole system. At present, the global photovoltaic industry is developing in full swing, and the demand for inverters is also increasing. However, traditional inverters have problems such as low efficiency, large loss, and short service life, which prompts photovoltaic systems to become more efficient, low-loss, and long-life. direction development. Huawei Whole House Smart uses innovative technology and high-quality materials, and has launched a self-developed high-efficiency digital control chip and algorithm, which increases the efficiency of the inverter to 96.2%, and the product life span reaches 20 years. Let’s take a look at the hard core features of Huawei’s smart “five-piece set” for the whole house?


Huawei Whole House Smart uses an innovative DC step-up module, so that the maximum power can reach 4.5 kW, and the maximum load power can be 200W. Combined with Huawei’s self-developed switching power supply and lightning protection technology, the output power of each inverter is controlled within 220V±10%, and it has passed the certification of domestic and foreign authoritative organizations such as UL in the United States, VDE in Germany, and CQC in China.

At the same time, Huawei’s whole house smart adopts triple security protection technology, which not only guarantees product performance, but also protects the safety of equipment and personnel. It has passed the European EMC electromagnetic compatibility certification and can cope with various harsh environments.

Huawei Sun2000 10ktl m1 13.5 a VS Sungrow Inverter

More reliable

In the field of inverters, Huawei not only has excellent technical strength, but also has a world-leading R&D team composed of 345 engineers, providing solid technical support for inverters. At the same time, Huawei also integrates the world’s leading fully digital control chips, high-precision current sensors, high-power IGBT modules and other core components and intelligent algorithms into the self-developed high-efficiency digital control chips and algorithms, further reducing product development costs and improving product quality. Product reliability.

The high-precision current sensor used by Huawei’s inverter can capture the small changes generated when the current changes, and convert it into a digital signal and send it directly to the inverter control chip. The sensor has obvious advantages in both accuracy and response speed, and can reduce inverter failure time by 90%.

More efficient

Huawei inverters use high-efficiency digital control chips and algorithms, which can precisely control the output voltage, current, and frequency of each inverter, so that it is always in the most efficient operating state. After testing, the power factor of Huawei inverters is still higher than 0.95 after 20 years of use.

Through the reasonable layout and control of the inverter, the efficiency of the whole machine can be increased to 96.2%, which can generate 10-20% more electricity than traditional products, so that the investment income of the power station can reach the highest. In addition, the design of electrical isolation and lightning protection of Huawei inverters enables them to operate stably in harsh environments.

More convenient

Huawei inverters are small in size and flexible in installation methods. Whether they are hoisted, standing or wall-mounted, they can be perfectly integrated into home decoration design. In terms of user experience, Huawei inverters can wirelessly control lighting equipment throughout the house. Users can remotely control all the lights through the mobile phone APP; when the user does not have a wireless network at home, he can also realize the function of controlling the lighting equipment of the whole house through the 4G/5G network; in addition, Huawei inverters also support mobile phone APP remote query power generation Functions such as weight and service life provide users with a more convenient smart life.

More stable

Huawei inverters adopt high-frequency double isolation and multi-channel independent MPPT design, which has the advantages of more stability and energy saving. At the same time, Huawei inverters also support the design of lightning protection modules, which can effectively prevent the impact of lightning strikes and short circuits on the power grid. Compared with traditional inverters, Huawei inverters are significantly better in stability.

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