The Benefits of Installing Photovoltaic Panels on the Roof of the Factory

The Benefits of Installing Photovoltaic Panels on the Roof of the Factory

Numerous benefits are now listed as considerations for installing photovoltaics.
Industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaics have been recognized by the majority of owners in recent years, relying on high yields, high industrial and commercial electricity prices, and large energy-consuming enterprises. Installing photovoltaic power stations can not only reduce energy consumption, but also save a lot. Electricity expenses.


However, the reason why many factory owners consider installing photovoltaic power plants is not to make money, but to cool down. Especially for the color steel tile roof, the thermal insulation effect of the photovoltaic power station is obvious, which can create a comfortable environment for the equipment and workers downstairs.

First, the photovoltaic components reflect heat, and the light shines on the solar photovoltaic components. After the sunlight is illuminated, a part of the photovoltaic components absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy, and the other part of the sunlight is reflected by the photovoltaic components.

Secondly, the photovoltaic module stops refracting the projected sunlight, and after the refraction, the sunlight attenuates and effectively filters the sunlight. Photovoltaic modules form a shelter on the roof, and high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon modules and polycrystalline silicon modules can form a shaded area on the roof, thereby insulating and cooling the roof. According to tests by relevant professional institutions, buildings with photovoltaic power plants installed on their roofs can reduce the indoor temperature by 4-6 degrees compared with buildings without installations.

In this way, the new function of rooftop photovoltaic power plants to reduce indoor temperature is of great benefit to photovoltaic users. For ordinary household users, the high temperature in summer and the lower indoor temperature greatly save air-conditioning electricity bills; for large factories, the heat insulation and cooling function of rooftop photovoltaics is a huge “sunshade green umbrella”.


1. Physically cool down the factory building

In summer and autumn, when the factories start work, it will be very hot. Since most of the factory buildings have cement roofs or color steel tiles, the operation of equipment will also generate heat. At this time, when the temperature rises, the inside of the factory buildings will be very uncomfortable.

Photovoltaic power plants are installed on the roof, which can effectively cool down the factory building physically. According to tests, the room temperature can be lowered by about 6 degrees in summer. The factory below is more comfortable, the equipment can operate normally, and the working environment for workers is more comfortable, which also indirectly reduces the cost of cooling.

2. Reduce energy consumption of enterprises

If there is another peak in electricity consumption, there will be power cuts, which will seriously affect the production schedule. Photovoltaic power plants can effectively reduce energy consumption of enterprises and save electricity expenses. On the roof with solar panels, the average temperature in summer will be 2°C-4°C lower than that without laying, and the energy consumption of air conditioning can also be saved by 30%-40%.

3. Improve the working environment of employees

After the temperature of the factory building drops, it can greatly avoid heatstroke of workers, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. The competitiveness of the enterprise continues to improve, and employees work together to create the second profit center of the enterprise.

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